Relaunch! — Backpackers! We’ve got some exciting news…We have relaunched!

In case you missed all the snazzy new stuff on our website consider this the official announcement. We have relaunched, and in a major way.

For the past year has produced articles in the outdoor world, ranging from news to interviews to gear deals and more. As with any startup, we used that year to build a community and get our foot in the door.

We’ve spent the last three months redesigning our website’s core. The look and feel is totally new, and we happen to think it’s fresh. We’ve updated the purpose of, too. Read below for a summary of what’s new with us and what that means for you.

Gear Recommendations and Reviews is now primarily a gear recommendation and review website. Our goal is to bring you recommendations and reviews of the best gear on the market, and only the best gear. When you come to you’ll find a simple, clear choice of gear that has the outdoor community’s approval. We also take pretty pictures of the gear (often in beautiful places), and soon we’ll have videos for all the gear, too.

We choose gear based on an immense amount of market research. We know you take your gear selection seriously, and often spend countless hours reading reviews. We’ve done all that legwork for you to determine the best gear in a given category — like backpacks or down jackets — and then we get the gear and run it through its paces.

If it lives up to the reputation, we recommend and award it. If it doesn’t, we go back to the drawing board. You can read more about this process on our About page.

What Type of Backpacker Are You?

The second major aspect of our relaunch is that we categorize our recommendations by backpacker type. relaunch backpacker types badges

You can be more than one type, of course, but these types help us (and you) to narrow down specific gear for specific uses. Backpacks for the Day Hiker are different than those for the Wilderness Backpacker.

To navigate in these backpacker types we have created a dropdown filter on the website. This will always tell you what backpacker type you’re browsing under. This way you can read all our content at once, or filtered through a specific type of backpacker. relaunch what type of backpacker are you

This system rocks, and as the site fills up with content it’ll make browsing streamlined and simple.

Outdoor Guides

To go along with our gear recommendations we have produced (and will continue to produce) outdoor guides. These are long, detailed articles about different aspects of the backpacking world. Some are about buying gear, others about types of gear, and in time we’ll have a number on wilderness survival.

The outdoor guides are a free and useful resource from us, to you.

Looking Forward

The goal of our launch, and our existence, is to provide backpackers with a simple resource for gear. As time goes on we will add more gear categories and keep recommendations updated to reflect the industry as new gear comes on the market.

While gear is our focus, our guides, occasional blog posts, and community growth is limitless. We can’t wait to explore the backpacking world with you!

If you want to stay updated on new gear recommendations, guides, and gear deals, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter. You can find this on pretty much every page at the top of the right-hand column.

Lastly, we’re all about feedback. Because this whole endeavor is to help you, we’d love to hear your opinions. Use the Contact page to send us praise, critique, or just to say hello.

Thank you for reading and enjoy the site!

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Daniel Zweier

Daniel Zweier is Editor-in-Chief of Beyond orchestrating the daily flow of, Daniel writes surrealistic short fiction and novels, adventures into the backcountry and abroad, surfs, reads, drinks tea, and obsesses over gear. A lot of gear. Visit his website if you want to learn more about his authorial pursuits.