Gear Deals: Steep and Cheap Big Brand Camp Sale, Ends Oct. 30 — Shucks! This deal is over. We told you it would end, and here we are, at the end. Don’t worry though, we post more deals every week. See the current deals here. Happy shopping!

Get the gear! We found another sweet deal for all you backpackers out there. Steep and Cheap has a big brand camp sale going, which means an almost endless scroll on uber-discounted goods from companies like Gregory, The North Face, and Big Agnes. It’s only going to last two more days, (until Oct. 30) and a number of excellent items are sold out already — so now’s the time to act.

We’ve selected three clutch items from the deal. Each of these is excellent backpacker must-haves for those on the search. Head over to the Big Brand Camp Sale on Steep and Cheap, and check out our picks below.

Gregory Baltoro 75 – Men’s

This is an award-winning staple for anyone in need of a quality backpack. Some might choose Osprey, some might choose Arc’teryx, but the Baltoro pack from Gregory has been legendary for years. OutsideGearLab just placed the Baltoro 65 on its top 5 backpacks of 2015, and this guy is the slightly heftier version. If you’ve been looking for a perfect pack at a reasonable cost, this is it. It’s 36 percent off at Steep and Cheap, which makes a $350 backpack just $222.99.

big brand camp sale gregory baltoro

Caveat: The Baltoro is only available in Large.

Thermarest ProLite 4 Sleeping Pad – Men’s and Women’s

Thermarest is sort of like Xerox. Is it the name of the thing you sleep on after a long day’s hike under the stars, or the company that first made the thing? (It’s the company. Just wanted to be clear.) Regardless, the folks at Thermarest have been in the business of comfy camp sleeping since 1971, and they remain the top dog for most backpackers.

Steep and Cheap has the ProLite 4 Sleeping Pad in “Shady Glade” (which to us looks a lot like seafoam green) in men’s and women’s. This is the middle line for Thermarest, but with 1.5 inches of inflatable support weighing just 1lb 10oz, it’s a steal for roughly $50 (averaging the two deals). Yes, it’s basically half off. Oh, and it comes with the manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty, so don’t worry if you get a dud. Here are some killer reviews of the ProLite 4 from Backpacking Light.

big brand camp sale thermarest prolite 4

Caveat: Only “Regular” sizes available. Sorry tall people.

Burton Tinder Laptop Backpack

This one is for the city warrior. Big ol’ backpacks and super-fly sleeping pads are great for the mountains, but we’ve got daily life to lead, too. Alright, alright, it doesn’t have to be in the city. It’s a backpack, after all. You can use it pretty much anywhere, for anything. But it is stylish, lifetime guaranteed and holds your laptop like a pro. It’s shaped like a classic duffel so it’s great for overnight trips, and has an easy-access side-sleeve for your laptop. The color is the best that Burton has to offer, too. At 46 percent off, the $37.99 is a great deal on a well-made pack.

big brand camp sale burton tinder

There you have it. Act quick, before all the deals are gone.

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