Launch! — Greetings, Internet. We are, a site that loves all things outdoors. Wilderness exploration, backpacking, camping, travel — you name it, we’ll be talking about it. We are also dedicated gear nerds, and will be highlighting a never-ending stream of awesome and inspired gear from around the globe to help you do all the aforementioned activities. Oh, and where to get that gear cheap. Deals, discounts, and bargain hunters at your service.

Now that you know a little about our motivations, let us explain our process.

Content Curation and Creation

The web is chock-full of great advice. In the backpacking community it’s almost as if there’s more advice than questions. We’re a die-hard bunch who love to give a specific opinion about everything.

With this in mind, will focus mostly on curating backpacking content from around the Internet. We will plunge into the deep communities already in existence and highlight excellent articles, essays, videos, advice, images, etc. that fascinate, amuse, and educate.

We want your experience here at to be one of pleasure and learning. During a regular check on the site you will find summaries of gear reviews by the best in the business, exciting trail stories from epic adventurers, and a smattering of real-time deals. We will always link back to the original sources, provide a social boost to those authors or companies, and be clear about where we find our content.

We will create content where we see fit — but we don’t want to add to the noise.

Our Audience: You!

Backpackers, by nature, are communal. And this site was founded on communal principles. Our goal is to build a thoughtful, kind, and active community. From the experienced voices we highlight on the site to the stoked reader, we want to hear from all voices on all matters.

If you have an interesting perspective, hike, or review that you would like us to check out, just shoot us a link at [email protected] We are here for you, and you are here for us.

We’re beyond excited to watch this thing grow. Cheers.

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Daniel Zweier

Daniel Zweier is Editor-in-Chief of Beyond orchestrating the daily flow of, Daniel writes surrealistic short fiction and novels, adventures into the backcountry and abroad, surfs, reads, drinks tea, and obsesses over gear. A lot of gear. Visit his website if you want to learn more about his authorial pursuits.

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