Day Hiker

If you hike because you love it, know it’s good for you, and need a frequent dose of what the natural world has to offer, the Day Hiker is for you.

The trail is calling. Well, the trail you can do in a day. The one your dogs can go on, the one you routinely use with your fitness tracker, the one with a beautiful vista or grove or clearing at the end that is perfect for a baguette and a bottle of wine.

Most of you hit that trail because you love the smell of clean air and want your daily dose of exercise. There’s no need to be narrow though —  there are the gnarly trails, those in the double digit miles that ascend a thousand feet, the ones you have to embark upon at first light and scramble down in near-dark. You get outside because the getting is good out there.

Our Recommended Gear and Outdoor Guides for the Day Hiker are about function and joy. The bliss of a hard hike and the endorphins pouring through you; the comfort of a pack that sits perfect and carries the day’s essentials; the tips, tricks, and courtesies that turn a solo experience into a continual community of nature seekers.

Explore Recommended Gear and Outdoor Guides for Day Hiker below!

Day Hiker Gear Reviews

Marmot PreCip Pants Eco Review

Outdoor Gear Type: Rain Pants

The Marmot PreCip Pants Eco Full Zip review: adaptive rain pants you can adjust at the hip, at the zip, and at any time on your outdoor trip.

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Outdoor Research Ascendant Hoody Review

Outdoor Research Ascendant Hoody Review: Looking for an active insulation fleece jacket that breathes better than anything? This one has has you covered.

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Rockay Flare Half Tight Shorts and Tech Tee Review

The Rockay Flare Half Tight Shorts are form-fitting performance shorts that are eco-friendly, wonderfully comfortable, and chafe-proof.

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Patagonia Baggies Review

The Patagonia Baggies thrive in the “chill” department. They are no-fuss, good-looking, surprisingly quick-drying shorts that you can wear for days on end.

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Lems Boulder Boot Review 2021

Outdoor Gear Type: Hiking Boots
Recommended For: Car Camper, Day Hiker, Urban Hiker

Lems Boulder Boots: lightweight, durable, and comfortable zero-drop boots that wear well on trail and on pavement. They pack away amazingly small, too.

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Sunski Headlands Review

Sunski Headlands Review: Simple, effective, and polarized, an affordable, do-it-all solution to active sunglasses. Get them for the ease of use, keep going back for the Lifetime Warranty.

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Teva Hurricane XLT 2 Review

Outdoor Gear Type: Sandals
Recommended For: Car Camper, Day Hiker, Urban Hiker

Teva Hurricane XLT 2 Review: these sandals that won’t break the bank, will perform in almost every scenario, and distance you from that AARP card.

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Patagonia Quandary Shorts Review

Patagonia Quandary Shorts review: stretchy, durable adventure shorts that have ample pockets and breathe with the best of them.

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prAna Mojo Shorts Review

Outdoor Gear Type: Shorts
Recommended For: Car Camper, Day Hiker, Urban Hiker

prAna Mojo Shorts Review: If outdated hiking shorts have you feeling like you lost your mojo, look no further. Durable, lightweight, and ready for the crag.

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Felix Gray Roebling Sunglasses Review

Outdoor Gear Type: Sunglasses
Recommended For: Day Hiker, Urban Hiker

Felix Gray Roebling: Style, glare reduction, and excellent shade in a compact pair of sunglasses. Get them for all your city excursions.

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Day Hiker Outdoor Guides

Dog Lovers Guide to Hiking, Camping, and Backpacking with Your Pooch

Outdoor Gear Type: Pets

When adventuring with your pup, you need to have the right gear for your dog to ensure their comfort and wellbeing. Here’s the best dog gear.

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The Best Fleece Jackets of 2021

The best fleece jackets are cozy, breathable, versatile, full of zippers and have unique features. We list the best here, and what makes them shine.

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The Best 9 Rain Ponchos of 2021

Rain ponchos are the preferred rain protection of many outdoorsy folks. Why? Cause they’re versatile. Here are the best Rain Ponchos of 2021.

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The Best Down Jackets of 2021

The best down jackets will keep you cozy in the wilderness, on the couch, or at the bar. We have tested many, and list the best down jackets for you, here.

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How to Plan and Prepare for a Hike in High Winds

Windy weather doesn’t have to put a damper on your hike, as long as you come prepared for the conditions. Learn how to hike in high winds.

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The Best Hiking Boots of 2021

We highlight the best hiking boots after researching and testing. Find the perfect lightweight, midweight, or heavyweight hiking boot for you!

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The Best Hiking Shorts of 2021

Hiking shorts are the underrated all-stars of gear. The best hiking shorts kick sweat and chafe to the curb, and keep you trekking mile after mile.

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The Best Coolers, Cooler Backpacks, and Cooler Bags of 2021

Outdoor Gear Type: Coolers
Recommended For: Car Camper, Day Hiker, Urban Hiker

Coolers have long been a camping and road trip staple item. Now, insulated totes and backpack coolers are taking cold treats to the trail.

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The Ultimate Guide to Father’s Day Outdoor Gift Guides 2021

All of the best Father’s Day outdoor gift guides and deals featuring many of your favorite outdoor retailers and brands.

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The 8 Best Backpacking Chairs of 2021

The best backpacking chairs will make camp way more comfortable. Lean back, get comfy, and prepare to find the right backpacking chair for you!

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