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The Best Hiking Shorts of 2022

Hiking shorts are the underrated all-stars of gear. The best hiking shorts kick sweat and chafe to the curb, and keep you trekking mile after mile.

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An Introduction to Electric Bikes: What You Need to Know

Outdoor Gear Type: ebikes

Electric bikes offer more accessibility, fun, and adventure to seasoned cyclists and novice riders alike. See the top e-bike brands.

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The Best Down Jackets of 2022

The best down jackets will keep you cozy in the wilderness, on the couch, or at the bar. We have tested many, and list the best down jackets for you, here.

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Dog Lovers Guide to Hiking, Camping, and Backpacking with Your Pooch

Outdoor Gear Type: Pets

When adventuring with your pup, you need to have the right gear for your dog to ensure their comfort and wellbeing. Here’s the best dog gear.

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The Best Fleece Jackets of 2021

The best fleece jackets are cozy, breathable, versatile, full of zippers and have unique features. We list the best here, and what makes them shine.

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The Best 9 Rain Ponchos of 2021

Rain ponchos are the preferred rain protection of many outdoorsy folks. Why? Cause they’re versatile. Here are the best Rain Ponchos of 2021.

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How to Plan and Prepare for a Hike in High Winds

Windy weather doesn’t have to put a damper on your hike, as long as you come prepared for the conditions. Learn how to hike in high winds.

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The Best Backpacking Backpacks of 2021

Outdoor Gear Type: Backpacks
Recommended For: Wilderness Backpacker

We test, review, and compare the best backpacking backpacks for wilderness trekking. Plus, a primer of every jargon-laden backpack term you’ve ever heard.

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The Best Camping Mattresses of 2021

Outdoor Gear Type: Sleeping Pads

The best camping mattresses are essential to a fun and relaxing outdoor vacation. Find the right sleep system for your excursions here!

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The Best Hiking Boots of 2021

We highlight the best hiking boots after researching and testing. Find the perfect lightweight, midweight, or heavyweight hiking boot for you!

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