Carryology: A Science for Backpackers — Have you heard of Carryology? It’s a lifestyle and a website devoted to the correct and proper way to carry. Carry what? Just about anything. From wallets¬†to luggage to full-fledged backpacks — Carryology¬†covers it all.

carryologyIt all starts in the Carry101 department, where three key components are determined: Formats, Ingredients, and Awesomeness. Every good item needs a heavy dose of that last one. The synthesis of this information and your given circumstance points you in the direction of the correct item, and then proceeds to explain the best way to carry it.

We’ve all been lectured on the “tighten your straps” mentality of backpacking. This is one step further, and for all sorts of cool travel bags. Check Carryology out, if you haven’t already.