Kickstart the Cinch-N-Clinch, a Newfangled Carabiner Bungie — Kickstarter seems to be full of well-funded, interesting ideas for the outdoor world. We’ve highlighted a number of successful projects over the last few months, and here is another one.

Meet the Cinch-N-Clinch. It’s a hybrid between the general utility of a carabiner and the elasticity of a bungie. It’s also neither of those things. Dreamed up by Matthew McJunkin, an outdoorsman and sailor, the Cinch-N-Clinch is made for securing things to other things, specifically on a hike or expedition.

cinch-n-clinch kickstarter design

The Kickstarter campaign will end on February 13, 2016, and currently has over $13,500 of its $15,000 necessary for funding. The project will most likely be funded, and the hordes of people who’ve chipped in for a Cinch-N-Clinch will start to see them in April and May of 2016.

Will you join?

Cinch-N-Clinch Kickstarter

The company behind this innovative product is ReefCroaker Designs — a boating and cruising outfit that created the Hookahroo, the “world’s most versatile and compact surface air unit.” Basically a unique scuba-diving hose and flotation system. We won’t begin to weigh in on that product … but it does authenticate the Cinch-N-Clinch and the inventors to produce a solid product.

Here’s the silly pitch video for the Cinch-N-Clinch:

At its most basic, the Cinch-N-Clinch is designed to hold onto something while securing it to something else. The most common example is a water bottle. This is done with two moving cinches, which make the gripping capabilities pretty endless. The elastic bungie material keeps it flexible, and the lack of stiff and breakable parts ensures a long life.

There are two sizes of the Cinch-N-Clinch — regular, and “Grande.” These aren’t expensive as single products, so ReefCroaker Designs is selling them in little bundles. You can get one of each model, or multiples of both kinds. The crew just released a huge sample of colors for the project, and backers got to vote on what they liked best. One of the best parts about crowdfunded projects is that you (yes, you!) get to be a part of the decision-making process.

cinch-n-clinch kickstarter regular and grande

The material of the Cinch-N-Clinch is Type III mil spec 550 parachute cord, and ReefCroaker Designs is committed to the product’s “durability, resistance to abrasion, UV resistance, and environmental footprint.”

If you’re in the market for some newfangled device to secure your water bottle on a hike, your trunks while traveling, or anything else wherever you’re going, check out this Kickstarter.

All screenshots courtesy ReefCroaker Designs, All Rights Reserved