New Year, New Gear Giveaway! $2000+ in Prizes

We have partnered with nine incredible brands to give you first-class outdoor gear. Two will win over $2000 in prizes!

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The Backcountry Winter Sale: 50% Off Tents, Packs, Bags, and Pads’s Winter Semi Annual Sale has mindblowing discounts. Our staff hand-picked key product, some of which have won our most coveted awards!

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Meet Rockay Blaze: Calf Compression Sleeves That Help You Hike Longer and Recover Quicker

Rockay Blaze Calf Compression Sleeves: like socks, for your calves. These leg sleeves help stimulate blood flow so you can run, hike, or walk faster and recover better.

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The REI Winter Clearance Sale: Over 50% Off

The word “clearance” should perk up your gear-loving ears. We hand-selected 15 of the best (most discounted) items in the REI Winter Clearance sale.

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Meet Decadent Minimalist Wallet: The Slim Credit Card Holder Wallet that Weighs (Almost) Nothing

Decadent Minimalist Wallet: A featherweight credit card holder wallet that’s tooled with precision and built to fit anywhere.

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Sustainability Matters: Jiminy’s Creates Truly Sustainable Cricket Dog Food and Treats

Sustainability matters in every aspect of your life, including your dog. Jiminy’s makes cricket dog food and treats, which save water, reduce greenhouse gases, and greatly limit land use for animal agriculture.

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10 Epic Winter Hikes

You know you want to brave the cold. Find out where and how with these epic winter hikes all across the U.S.

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Stanley Classic Legendary Bottle: Vacuum Insulated Thermos of the Century

Stanley Classic Legendary Bottle: an iconic thermos that stands the test of time, has insane insulation, and uses an updated handle.

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How to Prepare Homemade Backpacking Meals

Thomas Freeman opts out of freeze dried meals to create his own homemade backpacking meals. Here are his reflections, a cost analysis, and recipes.

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How to Buy Your National Park Pass

Why buy the National Park Pass? Free access to over 2,000 wilderness destinations. It’s worth, it especially if you’re a senior. How to buy your pass here.

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