Watch 4 Trail Running Shoes Go Through 166 Days of the PCT [video] — Reddit user andrewholzschuh just hiked the Pacific Crest Trail. He covered 2663.5 miles in 166 days — and took a photo of his shoes every day. Watch the time-lapse video below.

Video: 4 pairs of shoes (PCT thru-hike shoe time-lapse)

We particularly like the colorful gaiters, toe socks, and the tunes. Those gaiters sure keep crap out of trail running shoes (each pair was fairly low profile and lightweight) and the toe socks reduce blisters, for those that have never gone pinky out.

Andrewholzschuh’s PCT Trail Running Shoes (in order):

  1. Altra Lone Peak 2.0 (Altra has since come out with the Lone Peak 2.5)
  2. Brooks Cascadia 9 (Brooks has since come out with the Cascadia 10)
  3. Altra Lone Peak 2.0 (again)
  4. La Sportiva Wildcat

We messaged andrewwholzschuh about his video, and which shoes he liked most. His reply:

“I should preface this by saying I’ve seen all kinds of shoes out there. Hiking boots, Altras with no sole left and giant holes, Chacos, $20 knock off running shoes, you name it … I dig the shoes with a beefier sole. Cascadias are great. The fabric sucks but that only causes big problems with loose gravel or sand on the trail. I’m still wearing the Wildcats to run in and I love them.”

Trail running shoes are an ever-popular (and smart) choice for that long of a trek. But you’ll definitely burn through them quicker than your typical backpacking boot.

What kind of shoe do you backpack in?