Watch: Epic Views from Kosciuszko National Park — We often cover great hiking in the U.S., but there are hundreds of national parks in the rest of the world that defy expectations. Places of wonder and spectacle.¬†Kosciuszko National Park is one such place.

Located on the mainland of Australia, in New South Wales, Kosciuszko National Park is a 2,700 mile wilderness area with rugged mountains and an alpine climate. It’s part of the Australian Alps, and roughly 220 miles from Sydney. In winter, this park is excellent for backcountry skiing, but in summer, Kosciuszko is full of lengthy trails, overnight backpacking spots, and epic views. And its summer there right now …

The Sentinel in Kosciuszko National Park

Simple Livers is a site made by two Australian guys who hope to live out a simple life. They explore Australian backcountry camping, ocean antics (like gnarly fishing expeditions), and epic snow sports. Their content is high-quality, topical, and always contains epic videos.

They recently posted this video of a two-nighter in Kosciuszko National Park, specifically a hike out to The Sentinel. The Sentinel, while not the tallest peak in the park, offers arguably the best views in the whole of Koscieszko. Simple Livers bring you that view in 4K definition, and offer great insight on the Australian backcountry experience.

To read more about the trip, check out their post.

Featured image: Man v. Nature by Tim J Keegan via Flickr