Watch: Portlandia, Get the Gear! — Have you seen “Portlandia“? It’s a zany comedy show by Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein that takes place in Portland, Oregon. Every episode has a number of individual sketches, with Armisen and Brownstein playing the central characters in a continually rotating and evolving cast.

One clip in particular, from season 2, highlights the madness gear finding. It seems particularly relevant this year, with REI and other organizations opting out of Black Friday altogether, foregoing the usual frenzy of deals, discounts, and gear madness.

“Get the Gear” is a classic clip that stands the test of time, and speaks to the backpacker in all of us. It’s hilarious, too, which makes us watch it pretty frequently.

We wanted to share the comedy gold.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and consider joining the #OptOutside movement for Black Friday. You don’t want to end up like our friends below …

Get the Gear — Portlandia

Video: Portlandia – Get The Gear

Featured screenshot courtesy Portlandia/IFC

Daniel Zweier

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