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How to Prepare Homemade Backpacking Meals

Thomas Freeman opts out of freeze dried meals to create his own homemade backpacking meals. Here are his reflections, a cost analysis, and recipes.

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How to Buy Your National Park Pass

Why buy the National Park Pass? Free access to over 2,000 wilderness destinations. It’s worth, it especially if you’re a senior. How to buy your pass here.

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Ripstop by the Roll: Who They Are, What They Do, And What You Can Make

Ripstop by the Roll started as a hammock company in a spare bedroom. It has since cornered the DIY gear market with custom fabrics. Get the full story here.

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How to: Solo Backpacking, Hiking, and Travel for Women

We interviewed well-traveled women to get the details on solo backpacking, hiking, and traveling. Get out of your comfort zone, enjoy solo female travel.

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6 Ways to Protect the Environment While Supporting Sustainable Brands

Protect the environment by supporting sustainable brands. Or thrift. Or vote. An in-depth look at how the outdoor industry supports sustainability.

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Guide to Protecting a Guitar or Ukulele in the Backcountry

Musicians shouldn’t let inclement weather and the wilderness stifle songs. Here’s a beginner guide to protecting a guitar or ukulele in the backcountry.

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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Gear on Steep and Cheap

Buying gear on Steep and Cheap can save you money. This in-depth guide explains how to navigate the site and sales for the best gear possible.

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How to Calculate Backpack Weight with LighterPack

Want to calculate backpack weight more effeciently? LighterPack is a free, easy-to-use tool to get you there.

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Guest Post: Dehydrated Food for Backpackers, A Long Term Storage Primer

Lee Flynn details the purpose and process of dehydrated food for backpackers. Shave some serious weight off your next trip.

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