Meet REI Co-Op 650 Down Vest 2.0: A Straightforward, Recycled Puffy

REI Co-Op 650 Down Vest 2.0: A no-frills down vest that’s good for the planet, and good at keeping you warm. Compressible puff to layer in any conditions.

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Meet REI Hyperaxis 2: The Stretchiest REI Fleece Jacket Yet

REI Hyperaxis 2: An impressively stretchy REI fleece jacket that moves and breathes when you move. Cozy on the inside, weather-resistant on the outside.

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Meet NEMO Disco 15: The Side Sleeper’s Dream Bag

NEMO Disco 15: the uniquely shaped side sleeping bag. Add quality down, materials, and temperature regulation for a versatile lightweight sleeping bag.

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Meet NOMAD Active Strap: The Natural Waterproof Leather Strap for Apple Watch

Meet NOMAD Active Strap: a durable leather Apple watch strap that goes from the office to the ocean, and anywhere in between.

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Meet Chaco Chillos: The Lightweight Camp Sandals that Encourage Chill

Chaco Chillos: are they camp sandals, river sandals, hippie sandals, or all of the above? The Chillos are slides that support your feet, plain and simple.

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Meet Rockay Blaze: Calf Compression Sleeves That Help You Hike Longer and Recover Quicker

Rockay Blaze Calf Compression Sleeves: like socks, for your calves. These leg sleeves help stimulate blood flow so you can run, hike, or walk faster and recover better.

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Meet Decadent Minimalist Wallet: The Slim Credit Card Holder Wallet that Weighs (Almost) Nothing

Decadent Minimalist Wallet: A featherweight credit card holder wallet that’s tooled with precision and built to fit anywhere.

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Stanley Classic Legendary Bottle: Vacuum Insulated Thermos of the Century

Stanley Classic Legendary Bottle: an iconic thermos that stands the test of time, has insane insulation, and uses an updated handle.

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Meet Jiminy’s: The Cricket-Based Sustainable Dog Treats

Jiminy’s Sustainable Dog Treats: dog candy with cricket-based protein and an ecological footprint that will blow you and your pup’s minds.

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The Best REI Co-Op Products in 2019

We scoured the depths of REI’s catalogue. From budget items to world-class tents, these are the best of the best REI Co-Op products of 2019.

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