Meet Rheos Coopers: Polarized, Floating Sunglasses Built for Water

Shades that float in salt or freshwater, are fully polarized, and weigh less than one ounce.

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Meet Muscle MX CBD Balm: All Natural, Extra Strength CBD for Outdoor Life

Muscle MX CBD Balm: Two all natural CBD balms that warm you up for heavy activity, then cool you down for ultimate relief. Roll on and relax.

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Meet WANDRD FERNWEH Backpack: Travel Photography Meets Backcountry Backpacking

WANDRD FERNWEH: An impressively designed 50L backpack that is built for travel, photography, and wilderness backpacking. Yes, it can do it all.

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Meet LITHIC 65L Expedition Pack: A Budget Backpack That Will Blow You Away

LITHIC Expedition Pack: A truly budget backpacking pack with all the features you need. The cost-barrier to backpacking just got a lot lower.

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Meet The Nomadik Subscription Box: Unique Outdoor Adventure Gear Delivered to Your Door

The Nomadik Subscription Box: a monthly box for the gear-head who likes unique brands, surprising products, and heavy discounts.

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Meet AeroPress Go: The Effortless, All-Inclusive Travel Coffee Maker

AeroPress Go: the travel coffee maker that takes one minute, hot water, and a firm, slow press to brew. The whole system nests in the included mug.

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Meet NEMO Tensor Insulated: A Stable, Thick, Noise-Free Ultralight Sleeping Pad

NEMO Tensor Insulated Sleeping pad: Ultralight, ultra-warm, and ultra-thick. Three inches, one pound, no noise, and stable. Plus a flat valve.

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Meet Sawyer Permethrin: The Outdoor Insect Repellent For All Your Gear

There’s a certain reality to the bugs we encounter in the outdoors. Spring is the optimal time of year for mosquitos, ticks, chiggers, and an endless assortment of flying, many-legged things. Some of them are annoying, others carry diseases. Sawyer’s Permethrin spray is an odorless inspect repellent that, unlike applications you put on your skin,

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Meet Topo Athletic Trailventure: A Hiking Boot You Can Run In

Topo Athletic Trailventure: A hiking boot built with running in its bones. Fast, light, wide in the forefoot and sporting lace locking to dial in the perfect fit.

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Meet REI Flexlite Air: The 1-Pound Backpacking Chair

REI Flexlite Air: A collapsible, one pound ultralight backpacking chair that keeps you 11 inches off the ground. Up your fireside comfort.

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