Day Hiker

If you hike because you love it, know it’s good for you, and need a frequent dose of what the natural world has to offer, the Day Hiker is for you.

The trail is calling. Well, the trail you can do in a day. The one your dogs can go on, the one you routinely use with your fitness tracker, the one with a beautiful vista or grove or clearing at the end that is perfect for a baguette and a bottle of wine.

Most of you hit that trail because you love the smell of clean air and want your daily dose of exercise. There’s no need to be narrow though —  there are the gnarly trails, those in the double digit miles that ascend a thousand feet, the ones you have to embark upon at first light and scramble down in near-dark. You get outside because the getting is good out there.

Our Recommended Gear and Outdoor Guides for the Day Hiker are about function and joy. The bliss of a hard hike and the endorphins pouring through you; the comfort of a pack that sits perfect and carries the day’s essentials; the tips, tricks, and courtesies that turn a solo experience into a continual community of nature seekers.

Explore Recommended Gear and Outdoor Guides for Day Hiker below!

Day Hiker Outdoor Guides

Backpackers Guide to Synthetic Insulated Jackets

Ultimate guide to synthetic insulated jackets, the other puffy. Cheaper, more breathable, and better when wet than down, these jackets are pretty awesome.

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Backpackers Guide to Water Filters and Water Purifiers

Water filters and water purifiers will do more than ease a worried mind. Learn why backpacking water treatment systems are needed, and how to do it right.

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Backpackers Guide to Rain Jackets

Everything you ever wanted to know about rain jackets – laminates, membranes, layers, DWR, waterproofess, and fancy features – explained. With a bit of humor, too.

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Backpackers Guide to Headlamps

A fully featured Guide to Headlamps. What are lumens, how long does a headlamp battery last, and is a waterproof headlamp possible all answered here.

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Backpackers Guide to Fleece Jackets

This Guide to Fleece Jackets answers mysterious questions: What is fleece fabric? Is fleece warm? Is fleece breathable? And what’s recycled fleece? Read now.

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Backpackers Guide to Online Outdoor Gear Stores

Don’t know where to get your gear? Our epic guide to online outdoor gear stores covers every important retailer on the web.

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Backpackers Guide to Backpacks

Our Guide to Backpacks is massive. It covers backpack fit, torso measurement, backpack hip belt position, backpack size, and clutch features.

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Backpackers Guide to Down Jackets

This Guide asks the hard questions: What are down feathers, really? What’s hydrophobic down? Are lightweight down jackets packable down jackets?

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