Arc'teryx Altra 65 Men's

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Ideal for:
Size:SHR, RT
Color:Red, Black

The Arc'teryx Altra 65L is a wilderness backpacking backpack designed to carry heavy loads. It features a kangroo pocket, U-Zip access, and a swiveling hip belt.

Note: Arc'teryx has discontinued production of the Altra backpack line. Arc'teryx has brought back the Bora line of backpacks, which is intended to replace the Altra line. 

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Arc’teryx Altra 65 Review

Outdoor Gear Type: Backpacks
Recommended For: Wilderness Backpacker

If backpacks were a species in the animal kingdom, the Arc’teryx Altra 65 would embody the silverback gorilla, the grizzly bear, or the African lioness.

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