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Size:Reg/Right Zip, Long/Right Zip
Color:Deep Teal

The Kelty Callisto 30 Sleeping Bag is a synthetic sleeping bag for your relaxed summer life. CloudLoft Insulation provides warmth in temps down to 30°F, so bring on the summer heat and sleep under the stars. Whether you're in a tent or not, the rectangular shape provides plenty of space to wiggle around in. Or open it up and lay it flat, blanket-style. Yeah, that means it's ready for fireworks or snuggles with your sweetie.

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Kelty Callisto 30 Review 2019

Outdoor Gear Type: Sleeping Bags
Recommended For: Car Camper

The Kelty Callisto 30 is a classic car camping sleeping bag with a modern touch. Think luxurious comfort plus a couples blanket. Snuggle-bots, roll out!

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