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Size:Regular, Large
Color:Frame: Charcoal, Slate/Lens: Grey, Brown, Yellow

Ombraz Dolomites are armless sunglasses built for the outdoors. Instead of sidearms the Dolomites (and all Ombraz sunglasses) have a custom-woven, 100% recycled Japanese nylon cord to secure the glasses on your face. The cord keeps the glasses on your face, neck, or head, and won't break like sidearms would.

The Dolomites use Zeiss optics for a hard-coated, polarized lens that comes in three colors, and the frames are built with cellulose acetate, have built-in side visors, and include a lifetime warranty. 

A neoprene case with microfiber cloth is included and Ombraz plants 20 trees for every purchase.

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Ombraz Dolomite Armless Sunglasses Review

Ombraz Dolomite Armless Sunglasses review: Ample sun protection with premium materials, wide coverage, and striking style. Oh, and no sidearms.

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