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Ideal for:
Size:2 Person
Color:Olive Drab, Blue, Spruce Green, Camo

The Zpacks Duplex tent hits the sweet spot for ultralight backpackers. It boasts an impressive size, a miniscule weight, and plenty of features to make such a stripped down tent a home in the woods. Sized for one person plus gear, or two people packed tight, the Duplex has two full doors and vestibules for views and ventilation. Must be set up with two trekking poles and staked for tension, the Duplex is surpisingly sturdy in strong winds. The tent uses Dyneema Cuben Fiber (DFC), a waterproof, highly strong material that weighs almost nothing. Enjoy the outdoors without the weight.

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Zpacks Duplex Review 2019

The Zpacks Duplex is a masterpiece of design. An ultralight backpacker simply will not find a tent that is lighter, roomier, more durable, or more packable.

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