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Keep the Petzl e+LITE Emergency Headlamp conveniently stashed in your pack, ski jacket, or vehicle's glove box, just in case an emergency situation presents itself. This emergency headlamp is a reliable choice in rescue situations with its provided CR2032 lithium-ion batteries powering the headlamp after ten years in storage. The locking switch allows you to stash it away for long periods of inactivity without worrying about it inadvertently turning on. White and red LEDs provide both solid and strobe settings for navigational use and rescue situations in the wilderness. The elastic headband features a built-in whistle that notifies your group members and rescue personnel of your exact location, should you experience an accident or serious mishap in the wild. Its water-resistant design withstands rain showers and accidental submersion without it being compromised.

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Petzl e+LITE Review 2019

Prepping for Armageddon? Shaving down the grams? Just want reliable light in the backcountry? The Petzl e+LITE headlamp’s rich feature set does it all.

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