Six Moon Designs Gatewood Cape

Product Details for Gatewood Cape from Six Moon Designs

Size:One Size
Color:Green, Gray

The Six Moon Designs Gatewood Cape is an ultralight rain poncho and tarp tent in one! It weighs 10 ounces, packs into a single pocket, and is made of silicone nylon with a single #3 YKK zipper.

As a poncho it comes down to your knees, has adjustable sleeves and bottom hem, a hood, and a full front two-way locking zipper for maximum breathability. As a tarp tent it offers 360-degree protection and must be setup with a separate trekking pole.

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Six Moon Designs Gatewood Cape Review

Outdoor Gear Type: Rain Ponchos
Recommended For: Ultralight Backpacker

Six Moon Designs Gatewood Cape review: versatile rain poncho and tarp tent! Ultralight backpackers will love its lightweight functionality.

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