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Forget the survivalist routine of eating insects and scraping off tree bark when you're packing the Snow Peak GigaPower Stove Manual Ignition on your next wilderness outing. This compact stove features a 10,000 BTU output, boiling one liter of water in just under five minutes. The twist-to-operate ignition lets you slowly simmer a meal on the stove, so you're not forced to scorch your dinner on full blast. Fold-out legs provide an even heating surface without worrying about your cooking utensils falling off.

It's compatible with aftermarket add-ons from Snow Peak, such as their heat sink and auto ignition pieces (both not included). Best of all, it compactly folds into the provided box when you're finished cooking, easily slipping into your pack without taking up excess room. Please note, it operates on mixed fuel canisters (not included) for reliable cooking in low temperatures and high altitudes.

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Outdoor Gear Type: Stoves
Recommended For: Wilderness Backpacker

Snow Peak GigaPower Review: a backpacking stove that allows you to make delicious curry. Need we say more? Stable, powerful, and will last a lifetime.

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