ZebraLight H52w AA Neutral White Headlamp

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ZebraLight makes many headlamps, and the H52w AA Netural White is its base model for outdoor use. THe headlamp takes just one AA battery and projects a high of 300 lumens (as if you really needed all that light). Many customizable modes make this light highly functional for any environment. The headlamp is waterproof to IPX7, built with aluminum, and can detach from its included headand. Highly functional and incredibly light at 3 ounces with headband and battery included.

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ZebraLight H52w AA Neutral White Review

Outdoor Gear Type: Headlamps
Recommended For: Ultralight Backpacker

The ZebraLight H52w is a headlamp species on the rise: Ultralight, customizable, durable, and seriously bright, all without the advertising hype.

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