Altra Lone Peak 3.0 Mid NeoShell Hiking Boot Men's

Product Details for Lone Peak 3.0 Mid NeoShell Hiking Boot Men’s from Altra

Ideal for:,
Size:US 8 - 13
Color:Black, Electric Blue

The Altra Men's Lone Peak 3. 0 Mid Neoshell Trail Running Shoe features a mid-top silhouette for improved ankle support across technical mountain terrain. Polartec Neoshell acts as an impenetrable fortress against nature's onslaught of heavy downpours, puddle splashes, and mucky conditions. Best of all, this waterproof membrane increases overall breathability, especially compared to other waterproof/breathable membranes on the market. Throw in abrasion-resistant mesh for airy-cool comfort, with the added benefit of extra durability against rocky ground and thick vegetation.

This mid-top trail running shoe remains true to Altra's Zero Drop running philosophy, placing your heel and forefoot at the same distance from the ground. Not only does this design platform naturally align your feet, but more importantly, it promotes smooth landing without the high-impact of an elevated heel. Going one step further for a natural running experience, FootShape naturally spreads out your toes, instead of the squeezed stance common to traditional running shoes with narrower toe boxes. Protecting your feet as you stride over rocky trails, the StoneGuard prevents nasty stone bruises from slowing you down. The cushioned EVA midsole lends the shoe a plush feel without sacrificing ground feel or being overly bulky. And because it's meant for the toughest imaginable trails with rocks and roots, the TrailClaw lugged sole maximizes traction and control.

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