KEEN Newport H2 Sandal Men's

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Ideal for:, ,
Size:7-17, with half sizes up to size 12
Color:Black, Navy/Medium Grey, Navy/Gray, India Ink/Rust, Black/Stone Gray, Raven/Aluminum, Shitake/Brown Sugar, Black Olive/Brindle, Midnight Navy/Neutral Gray, Bossa Nova/Gargoyle, Gargoyle/Bossa Nova, Mi

Even in a well-maintained boat sans holes, your chances of getting your feet wet are extremely good. Enter the Keen Newport H2 Sandal with a design that protects your toes and a non-marking sole to keep the deck clean. A fully synthetic upper puts hydrophobic material against your skin and keeps it dry.

The Newport H2's hybrid shoe/sandal design is more comfortable than a full shoe and protects your foot better than a sandal. The unique anatomical outsole gives superb traction and support on sea and land, and an antibacterial footbed controls moisture and keeps the stank under control.

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