BioLite PowerLight Mini

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Size:One Size
Color:Yellow, Orange, Gray, Teal, Red

The BioLite PowerLight Mini is a versatile lantern to provide movable light when the night is dark. The dimensions of this little guy definitely make it a mini, but at 135 lumens it can be used to light up your tent, walk from fire ring to the restrooms, bike around town and so much more. The built-in stand allows you to set it up on a table, or grab some string and get creative with those tree limbs above your head. All that and it can still give your phone a boost charge if it needs it, even in the palm of your hand.

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BioLite PowerLight Mini Review

BioLite PowerLight Mini review: the Swiss Army Knife of camp lanterns. A versatile, practical light that is ideal for use in a variety of applications.

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