Watch: Denali, The Story of a Man and His Dog — An oldie and a goodie, we thought this touching tribute deserved another highlight. Originally released back in June of 2015, “Denali” is a short film that tells the moving love story of a man, Ben Moon, and his dog, Denali.

Watch the video, and check out more information on Moon below.


Ben Moon

Ben Moon is a photographer, rock climber, and surfer based in Hood River, Oregon. Most of this you can glean from the movie above, but it’s important to note that Moon does the first of these, photography, for a living with his company Moonhouse. He has had a career with Patagonia, shooting ad campaigns and commercials for many years, some of which included Denali.

In an interview with The Cleanest Line back in 2012, Moon says of Denali,

“Denali is my dog. He’s a husky/pit bull mix that I rescued from a shelter twelve and a half years ago. He’s been my sidekick from the beginning of my photography career and has been my dearest companion through the years. While I was in the hospital for cancer surgery, the nurses let him lay on the bed with me, and he never took his eyes off me during the entire experience. Denali is also a bit of a rock star and has been in several Patagonia catalogs, is Ruffwear’s poster boy, and has shown up in a few music teasers for Blind Pilot.”

The film was directed by Felt Soul Media, produced by Moonhouse, in collaboration with Wazee Motion Pictures, each creative video and photograpy companies in their own right. It also had support from First Descents, Ruffwear, and Snow Peak. It was made possible by Patagonia.

Rarely does such a true, beautiful story get told in a magical way.

Featured screenshot courtesy Moonhouse

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