37.5 Technology Revolutionizes Active and Outdoor Apparel

When you’re outdoors, you want to keep tabs on your breathing and heart rate so that you can stay calm and focused.

Sometimes all it takes is a piece of clothing that improves your comfort and helps you reach peak performance.

Introducing 37.5 Technology

That’s where 37.5 Technology comes in – it’s a new fabric technology that regulates your core temperature so that you can perform at your highest level for as long as possible.

Minerals from volcanic sand and activated carbon particles produced from coconut shells are embedded into the fibers, attracting moisture and then expelling it by an electrostatic reaction that vaporizes it practically instantaneously, keeping the skin cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold.

It will never peel, flake, or wash away since it is a part of the real substance.

37.5 Technology in action.

An independent 2016 study conducted at the University of Colorado demonstrated that clothing made with 37.5 fabric not only dried extremely quickly but also extended athletes’ output at the lactate threshold.

Likewise, this increased their efficiency and decreased both core temperature and the rate of temperature build-up during exercise.

37.5 Technology in Clothing for Outdoor Recreation

Some remarkable brands have integrated this technology into their products.

Because the soles of your feet contain one of the most concentrated areas of sweat glands on your body, socks from Point 6’s Hiking Essentials Line feature 37.5 Technology.

Paired with natural merino wool qualities, it helps assure dry, comfortable, and blister-free feet for miles on end.

The Eclipse 37.5 Hoodie Shirt.

The Eclipse 37.5 Hoodie Shirt for Men and Women and other lightweight, UPF 50+ sun protection apparel from Eclipse Sun Products give protection without trapping heat.

37.5 Technology produces an evaporative cooling effect on both men’s and women’s hoodie shirts, enabling your body’s natural mechanisms to disperse water off your skin before it condenses as liquid perspiration.

Thanks to 37.5 Technology, the optimal layering system in Sun Mountain Sports Men and Women Colter Vest keeps you warm in the morning and cool by mid-day.

The Sun Mountain Sports Colter Vest.

With 4-way stretch side panels and synthetic insulation panels front and back, the vest is ideal for high-movement activities on cold days.

More About 37.5 Technology

Visit the Cocona Labs website to learn more about the benefits of 37.5 Technology and the brands that use it.

Images courtesy of Cocona Labs, Eclipse, and Sun Mountain

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