686 Launches Most Sustainable Everywhere Pant 2

Global clothing brand 686 is excited to share that its most sustainable fabric to date is now at the heart of the Everywhere Pant 2 for men and for women.

By listening to customers’ feedback, best-selling Everywhere Pant has been updated with new pocketing, reflective accents, and its new recycled stretch fabric.

The new recycled fabric is 33% less carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) per linear yard than the original Everywhere fabric.

The Everywhere Pant 2 is meant to provide you with the same comfortable and functional performance as the original, but it is built from a 23 percent more durable material.

Meanwhile, these efforts toward measurement and transparency over the past year have led directly to the brand’s partnership with Climate Neutral, an independent non-profit organization.

Through this partnership, 686 has established strategies to reduce emissions going forward and has measured and offset its entire 2021 carbon emissions.

In a step forward in transparency, 686 has measured the actual carbon footprint of our best-selling products.

This includes the brand’s collection of EveryWear Pants and Shorts through the following areas: materials, manufacturing, transportation, and product use.

Images courtesy of 686

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