686 Men's Utility Pant: Cold-Weather Adventure Pants for Trail and City

Winter is coming—can’t you feel it in the air? Whether you’re on trail, exploring the city streets, or chilling at your favorite ski resort, a warm and practical pant can be clutch, especially when the temperature dips after the sun goes down.

686 Utility Pant

Meet the 686 Men’s Utility Pant.

The 686 Men’s Utility Pant was designed for adventures ranging from icy hiking trails to slushy urban sidewalks. Featuring multiple layers of insulation, weather protection, and a soft fleece liner, the 686 Men’s Utility Pant is sure to keep you cozy throughout all your travels.

Men's Utility Pant

Warmth, weather protection, and utility for everywhere life takes you. Photo by Peter Cirilli

Ingeniously fitted with adjustable ventilation options and a wealth of utilitarian pockets, the Utility Pant is ideal for those on the go. They’re a great choice for globetrotting winter travel, casual workwear, and everyday life.

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Unique Features of the 686 Men’s Utility Pant

Layer upon layer of warm insulation and weather protection form the core construction of the 686 Men’s Utility Pant. Comprised of softshell three-layer bonded two-way stretch fabric, these pants are as warm and capable as they are flexible and comfortable.


Stretchy, yet durable.

The 686 exclusive infiDRY fabric adds multiple levels of weather protection on top of all of everything else. It’s waterproof and windproof, all while retaining the breathability you need when you’re on the move.

686 Waterproof

Water beads up and slides right off these pants.

Plus, the 686 Men’s Utility Pant is insulated well enough to keep you feeling toasty during harsh winter conditions. The inner fleece lining slides like silk against your skin but also helps to keep your precious heat from escaping.

686 Men's Utility Pant Fleece

A cozy fleece lining.

However, should things warm up a little too much while you’re hiking uphill, 686 hast smartly integrated a mesh pocket and two zippered leg vents for adjustable airflow—giving you the power to cool down at a moment’s notice. With all vents open, a refreshing breeze kisses your exposed skin with each step you take.

Durability Beyond Measure

The 686 Utility Pant’s long list of features goes beyond warmth and weather protection—these pants are as durable and sensible as they come.

686 Durability

Robust materials and construction.

The materials we listed are already top-notch in quality, but 686 didn’t consider that good enough, which is why they tacked on ultra-tough 500D knee panels and boot kick panels where pants typically suffer abrasion. Likewise, all seams are sewn with DuracoreTM thread, and pocket openings have been reinforced. Long story short—these pants won’t break.

686 Men's Utility Pant

Extra-tough knee and boot panels for whatever life throws your way. Photo by Peter Cirilli

Where Utilitarian Meets Comfort

There are pockets all over these pants, and each one has its own distinct characteristics. For instance, the front pouch pockets are sizeable and strong, and they each have a corded loop to secure carabiners and key rings. Inside the right pouch pocket is an RFID-blocking pocket for your credit cards, and adjacent to that is the lone ventilated mesh pocket.

686 Pocket and Cord Loop

Many useful pockets and other features are located all over these pants.

You’ll also find a coin pocket and hidden credit card pockets in the back snap pockets. Plus, there is a rear belt loop stash pocket for small, secretive belongings.

Utility Pant Pocket

Pockets for everything! Photo by Peter Cirilli

But the feature list doesn’t stop there. An integrated adjustable webbing belt helps keep your pants well-positioned no matter the number of clothing layers you have on or how many bowls of mashed potatoes you had for dinner.

686 Belt

Quickly tighten or loosen the belt webbing as you adjust your clothing layers.

What’s more, a cross gusset has been fitted for enhanced mobility, and mini boot gaiters have been integrated into the pant cuffs to keep debris and snow out of your shoes. How cool is that? 686 really considered every angle when crafting this remarkable winter Utility Pant.

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Who is 686?

686 was forged by the desire to foster the best winter experiences possible, both on and off the mountain. The Men’s Utility Pant is the embodiment of that idea. It’s the warmest EveryWear pant in the 686 lineup, and its versatility and practicality make it an exceptionally well-rounded adventure pant.

686 Men's Utility Pant

For trail, town, and travel.

See the 686 Men’s Utility Pant, and learn more about 686.

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