Allbirds Products Are Now Available at REI Co-op

REI Co-op members are always looking for products that are both functional and full of character.

That’s why REI is excited to announce its partnership with Allbirds, a brand that’s committed to designing amazing shoes and apparel built from natural materials.

Allbirds offers a variety of classic sneaker styles featuring materials such as ZQ Merino wool and renewable tree fiber.

A variety of lifestyle and performance products from Allbirds, including Tree Flyers, Wool Pipers, and Wool Runners, are now available online and at your local REI Co-op.

The Wool Piper is the classic low-top that is perfect for walking in cooler weather and is made with premium ZQ merino wool.

Meanwhile, the Wool Runner is incredibly soft, cozy, and naturally thermoregulating, and these do-everything shoes are the ultimate cool-weather walker.

The Tree Flyers are lightweight distance runners featuring a super-springy midsole that helps make the extra effort feel effortless.

The brand has been extremely successful because it combines modern design with sustainable practices.

Through years of research and tinkering, Allbirds landed an entirely new category of shoes that reflects and respects nature.

Check out these ultra-comfy sneakers and shop all 11 Allbirds products only at REI Co-op!

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