Arcade Announces POW x Joseph Toney Collab Belt

Arcade, known for its mobility-enhancing belt designs, introduces the POW x Joseph Toney collab belt.

This initiative aligns with Protect Our Winters (POW), dedicated to combating climate change’s impact on communities and environments.

Mountain Design on Arcade Adventure Belt

Joseph Toney, a Salt Lake City-based visual artist, infuses his passion for preserving powder days into the belt’s design, featuring a distinctive greyscale mountain range and the POW badge.

With 10% of sales directed towards POW, the belt embodies a commitment to environmental advocacy.

The collaboration incorporates Arcade’s signature performance stretch technology, ensuring comfort and flexibility.

The belt’s A2 buckle, crafted for durability, complements its eco-friendly composition, made with REPREVE recycled yarn.

As part of Arcade’s Give A Damn program, supporting POW exemplifies the brand’s dedication to meaningful causes.

The POW x Joseph Toney belt, available at Arcade Belts and select retailers, embodies style, functionality, and a commitment to preserving our world.

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