Backcountry GORE-TEX Collection Takes Outdoor Adventure to New Heights

In the realm of winter sports, conquerors of the backcountry now have a formidable ally—the Backcountry GORE-TEX Collection.

Unveiling its latest offerings, the Cottonwoods, Cardiac, and Windstopper kits promise a revolutionary experience for winter enthusiasts.

Meet the Backcountry GORE-TEX Collection

The Cottonwoods, adorned in fresh mix-and-match colors, boast enhanced comfort and flexibility based on community feedback.

Crafted from a durable, canvas-like material, this kit embodies hardiness, featuring intelligently placed pockets, defogging goggles, and fully waterproof construction.


Meanwhile, the Cardiac kit, inspired by Utah’s iconic Wasatch ridgeline, stands as a versatile big-line regalia, addressing every pain point encountered in backcountry adventures.

With a three-layer GORE-TEX laminate, it promises unparalleled weather protection without compromising movement.

For the toughest summit ascents, the Windstopper kit emerges as the lightest and most breathable option, designed exclusively for backcountry touring.

With optimal ventilation, riders can regulate temperature effortlessly, making it a must-have for those seeking peak performance.

Winter’s newest nemesis has arrived, and it’s ready to redefine the backcountry experience.

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