The Baffin Borealis Blazes a New Trail

If you’re looking for a highly functional and technically advanced hiking boot to keep you warm and dry in even the coldest conditions, look no further than the Baffin Borealis Men’s Hiking Boot.

The Baffin Borealis. All photos by Jasmine Wilhelm.

You get what you pay for with these high-quality boots – innovative and original design, a lightweight yet sturdy silhouette, and adaptability to keep your feet happy whether you’re out exploring in fall, winter, or spring. Let’s take a closer look at what makes these boots special.

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Unique Features of the Baffin Borealis Men’s Hiking Boot

The Baffin Borealis boot is truly unique and innovative. They’re snowshoe compatible, for one, so you don’t have to swap footwear when you swap activities—simply lace up and explore wherever your heart desires.

The Baffin Borealis is snowshoe compatible.

They also feature a body heat-moldable design, which personalizes the boots’ fit to the contours of your individual feet, providing greater temperature regulation for variable outside conditions.

Warm and cozy, even in the snow.

Speaking of insulation, the Baffin Borealis hiking boots have a removable Active-Fit multi-layer inner boot system with a moisture-wicking foot liner for increased breathability and comfort. If you’re doing a high-intensity activity that causes you to sweat even in cold temperatures, this is a key feature of the Borealis.

Cold Comfort & Waterproof Ratings of the Baffin Borealis

Comfort and function are the two top features of these boots. They receive a Tundra cold comfort rating from Baffin, meaning they’ve been tested on snow-covered frozen terrain. Baffin takes their products out of the lab and into the elements to truly test their capabilities, and these boots performed in a big way.

The Baffin Borealis is tested in nature.

“Okay, so it seems like I’ll be warm,” you might say, “but will I be dry?” The short answer is yes. The Baffin Borealis has a B-Tek Dry Waterproof Breathable system, which offers protection from precipitation while still keeping the boots comfortable and lightweight. So whether you are hiking in snow, rain, or sleet, your feet will be oblivious.

The Borealis is comfortable and lightweight.

On the trail, these boots feel extremely cozy and sturdy. Sharp rocks and uneven bumps in the terrain barely register, and your foot will feel safe, dry, warm, and supported. You feel like you could conquer anything. Other boots with so many features are often heavy and weigh you down, but the Borealis is light and comfy. What’s not to love?

Look at that tread!

See the Baffin Borealis Men's Hiking Boot

Who is Baffin?

Canadian company Baffin has been making technically advanced, high quality, functional footwear and apparel since 1979, and the Borealis boot is a great example of this. It checks all the boxes.

The view from the top.

Baffin tests products by taking them into extreme environments, including some of the coldest climates on earth. No science experiments here – just real adventurers out on the trail thoroughly testing these products.

The Baffin Borealis can take you anywhere.

Additionally, Baffin supports both local and international philanthropic organizations that align with their values.

See the Baffin Borealis Men’s Hiking Boot, and learn more about Baffin.

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