Baja Jerky Pushes Boundaries with Bold Flavors in Their High-Quality Meat Snacks

Taking risks is what Baja Jerky is all about. They know that big risks lead to big rewards, and their commitment to that speaks to every aspect of the brand’s culture. So, while Baja Jerky may still be one of the new kids on the block compared to many other well-established beef jerky brands, more and more people are choosing to load up their packs with Baja Jerky over any other brand. That’s because they know what it takes to fuel an adventure—epic, one-of-a-kind flavors and premium, quality ingredients.

Baja Jerky

Baja Jerky is feeding the masses!

What makes Baja Jerky a cut above the rest is its commitment to creating delicious, flavorful meat snacks without preservatives or additives like loads of sugar or sodium. Instead, they work closely with a Michelin-star chef who creates truly unique spice blends and rubs that pay respect to the vibrant flavors of Baja. Add that to premium jerky created from high-quality, humanely raised beef, and you’ve got a recipe for the best beef jerky experience.

Churro Baja Jerky

Look at all of that flavor! This jerky is loaded with it!

Baja Jerky takes what you love about jerky and elevates it to a whole new level. They know that when you are in need of a high-protein meat snack, it needs to be extremely tender and delicious. If you are more of a jerky purist, they offer Traditional which takes the classic flavor of hickory-smoked jerky and elevates it with the addition of real, preservative-free ingredients featuring garlic, avocado, turmeric, and a splash of fresh lemon juice. If it’s a flavor adventure you’re after, they’ve got you covered there, too! If you can take the heat, try Lime and Serrano Pepper. This is their spiciest flavor created with a blend of real chilies and peppers.

Baja Jerky Contains No Nitrates, Preservatives, or Added Hormones

Baja Jerky was created because they needed a snack that could keep up without artificial ingredients and tons of sugar additives that will ultimately slow you down.

Baja Jerky Flavors

Multiple mouth-watering flavors to choose from.

That’s why real, preservative-free ingredients are the backbone of everything they do. Their best seller, Salsa Fresca, is created with authentic ingredients like naturally sweet vine-ripened tomatoes, the spicy kick of fresh jalapenõs, and the signature addition of onions, cilantro, and a splash of zesty lime juice. Meanwhile, one of their newest flavors, Street Taco, takes all the flavors of your favorite roadside stop and transforms it into a hand-crafted, epic jerky snack with the addition of a unique chili seasoning blend.

Street Taco Baja Jerky

All of the good stuff, none of the bad.

Fueled By Good Times and Great People

What really makes Baja Jerky stand out is their commitment to adventure. One of the hallmarks of the brand is the adventure sports industry in Baja California that has served as their main inspiration from the very beginning.

Baja Jerky Boat

A good adventure snack for the entire family.

They sponsor several athletes in the adventure sport community including Señor Baja himself, Larry Roeseler. Roeseler is a motorsport hall of famer with a decades-long career in the off-road racing community. It’s this commitment to pushing the boundaries that has Baja Jerky creating flavors that challenge the status quo.

Larry Roeseler Baja Jerky

Off-road racing legend Larry Roeseler.

Who thought that flavors like Sweet Orange or Churro could be in a jerky? Baja Jerky took this inspiration and challenged the ideas of what a jerky could be. The risk has paid off with unique flavors that work for our taste buds as well as our lifestyle.

Chef Baja Jerky

Brandon Rodgers, multiple-Michelin-star-awarded chef. Part of the Baja Jerky flavor team.

The World’s Most Flavorful Jerky

Baja Jerky is reaching new heights in terms of how we fuel. While the other guys are loading their snacks with sodium, sugar, and preservatives, Baja Jerky focuses on premium, high-quality ingredients. All of their snacks are made without preservatives, gluten, nitrites, nitrates, or added MSG. Additionally, all of their epic, vibrant flavors are low sodium and low sugar. They even have a completely sugar-free flavor, Crackin’ Pepper, that’s also Paleo Friendly! Get your hands on some today, and start snacking the Baja way!

Baja Jerky Vegan Mango

The new Baja Dried Fruit Mango strips.

Baja Jerky is always adding new exciting items to their menu! Follow them on Instagram to stay up-to-date and to check out just-launched products such as Baja Seasonings Street Taco, Baja Seasonings Chili Límon, and Baja Dried Fruit Mangos!

Baja Jerky Truck Racing

Taking the road less traveled to bring you bold, new flavors never seen before in jerky!

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