Bajío Sunglasses Introduces New Ozello Eco-Conscious Frames

A new design in Bajío Sunglasses is set to save the world’s saltwater flats and estuaries with every pair of sunglasses sold.

The brand that creates performance sunglasses that block blue light and are sustainably produced is delighted to announce the formal addition of Ozello to its Spring 2023 line.

This new style is named for one of their closest friends and supporters at Ozello Keys Marina.

Ozella Frames from Bajío

Ozello is an aggressive fishing-style frame with extra wide sun-blocking temples for long, exposed days out in Ozello Keys – and beyond.

Al Perkinson, Founder of Bajio, said they named this frame after their friends over at Ozello Keys Marina. Grouper Gary and the gang live in Old Florida that have been their huge supporters ever since.

“We wanted to name our 2023 collection after bajios (saltwater flats) we know and love in our home state. Last year Jay, from the YouTube series Fishing with Jay, shot an episode where the Ozello boys showed him the secret shallows where they caught gag grouper on the fly,” he said.

Ozello frames are created from bio-resin derived from plants, which dissolves swiftly and is kinder to the seas.

Whether you’re out fishing or at a fiesta, they are more comfortable all day long because they are tougher and lighter than plastic frames.

The Ozello frame has unusually broad temples that hide the sun. It is a petite fitting. Its assertive, young appearance makes it ideal for spending long, exposed days outside in the sun.

The temples also have two-way flex hinges, vented rubber side shields, and keeper holes for enhanced comfort.

Ozello comes with thirteen lens options for a totally personalized eyewear experience; six are made of glass and seven are composed of lightweight, bio-based polycarbonate.

Both polycarbonate and glass lenses have strong anti-scratch characteristics and oleophobic coatings that make it simple to wipe off water and sunscreen.

Every Bajio lens has the company’s polarized, exclusive LAPIS technology, and each one is made for certain lighting settings and locations.

The visual quality offered by Bajio lenses is unparalleled and they give outstanding clarity.

Ozello is now available for purchase at your local eyewear retailer or online at

For more information about Bajío’s full collection of award-winning performance fishing sunglasses, visit

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