Bajío's Limited Edition Vega Sunglasses Illuminate Holidays with Charity Twist

In a heartwarming collaboration for the second consecutive year, Bajío Sunglasses has partnered with the non-profit organization Fish For Change to make a splash this holiday season.

The spotlight of this partnership is on the Limited Edition Vega sunglasses, adorned with custom permit art by the talented fishing guide and tattoo artist, Casey Anderson.

Under Bajío’s Temples of Change program, customers visiting the Bajío website can make a significant impact on the future of fly fishing.

With every purchase of the Limited Edition Vega shades, $20 will be donated to Fish For Change, earmarked to fund scholarships for youth engaging in fly fishing cultural exchange programs across Mexico, Honduras, Costa Rica, and The Bahamas.

The Limited Temples of Change Vegas are not just stylish eyewear but a statement of philanthropy, featuring bold designs on wide temples.

Crafted for sun protection and style, these frames, available in regular, prescription, and reader lenses, carry the dual purpose of fashion and fostering positive change.

Fish For Change, the non-profit partner, utilizes fly fishing as a medium to unite diverse students, promoting connection, education, conservation, and exploration.

Fish For Change

Beyond the fisheries, the organization aims to instigate a profound internal change within each student, shaping their worldview and interactions with others.

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