Bakerly Travelers Variety Pack: Crepes, Chocolate Croissants, and French Pancakes To Go!

The Bakerly Travelers Variety Pack is a collection of delicious grab-and-go bites comprising flavorful crepes, sweet French pancakes, and crave-worthy chocolate croissants. Delicacies such as these typically require a trip to your local boulangerie (that’s French for ‘bakery’), but these tasty morsels have been individually wrapped in the Bakerly Travelers Variety Pack so that you can take them anywhere.

Bakerly Travelers Variety Pack

Bakerly takes camp food to a whole new level.

Each of these sweet treats was lovingly crafted from authentic French recipes and made in the USA. The items in the Travelers Variety Pack were specifically included because they’re perfect for on-the-go snacking.

Pancakes at camp

Time for late-night camp pancakes!

That means whether you’re at camp, on the trail, or just about anywhere else, you can savor a mouth-watering crepe or croissant—it’s like a momentary Parisian escape in every bite.

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See the Bakerly Travelers Variety Pack

Bakerly Travelers Variety Pack: Adventure-Ready Treats

While dehydrated pasta and crunchy cereal bars have been the typical fare for backpackers and car campers in times past, now everyone can enjoy soft and buttery French pastries no matter how far they travel into the backcountry.

Camp snacks

Who says you need to “rough it” when at camp?

Bakerly products have a shelf life of 28 to 30 days after being thawed, which is the same date they are shipped to you. That means you can travel with your Travelers Variety Pack for weeks without issue.

Bakerly Crepes

No preservatives, yet these crepes will still last for weeks without spoiling.

Honest Ingredients and Tasty Flavors

Though they travel well and can travel far, Bakerly’s products are made with wholesome ingredients. They’re free from preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, and GMOs. In fact, there are more than 140 ingredients on the “No-No List” that founders Julien and Fabian refuse to include in their products for the simple fact of the matter that their kids eat the products that they make.

Bakerly Dog

Sorry Dexter! Dogs can’t have chocolate.

In each Bakerly Travelers Variety Pack, you will receive a six-pack of French pancakes, a six-pack of chocolate croissants, and over two dozen crepes in an assortment of flavors, including chocolate hazelnut, strawberry, and crunchy caramel.

All of these goodies can be consumed straight out of the package. However, if you have the opportunity, they can also be enjoyed after being warmed up. A microwave or toaster over will do just fine when you’re at home, but they’re even tastier when warmed by the dancing flames of a campfire.

And though we’re touting how well these French-inspired treats travel as an adventure snack, they’re equally as awesome for day-to-day life, including as back-to-school lunch snacks for your little ones and office treats to reward yourself with during the workday. The possibilities are endless and scrumptious.

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See the Bakerly Travelers Variety Pack

Bakerly Chocolate Croissant

Imagine how ooey-gooey deliscious this would be when warmed by a campfire!

Who is Bakerly?

Bakerly creates French-inspired baked goods from simple ingredients. Their products include an assortment of brioche bread creations as well as an array of tasty French treats that are ideal for backpack snacks, meals-on-the-go, and Back-to-School lunches.

See the Bakerly Travelers Variety Pack, and learn more about Bakerly.

Bakerly at camp

Keep your friends close, and your snacks even closer.

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