BBQGuys Offers Exclusive Deals on Magma Crossover Fireboxes

BBQGuys is offering exclusive discounts on their Magma Crossover Fireboxes and select accessories.

The Magma Crossover Series is a portable cooking system that revolutionizes meal-time whether one is on an RV trip or at a tailgating party.

This modular system featuring a durable and aesthetic stainless steel body lets you cook with flair and makes fantastic conversions from stove to grill, pizza oven, griddle, and plancha.

The durable firebox comes standard with a 15,000-BTU, high-efficiency burner ignited by one-click piezo ignitions for an effortless light.

Additionally, the product is available in both single and double-burner versions for greater versatility. It also offers dual folding side tables for the preparation of food.

You can also choose from any crossover accessory tops you want to bundle with the firebox, with a full line-up including a grill top, griddle top, pizza oven top, and plancha top.

The Crossover Series is available exclusively at BBQGuys, the leading e-commerce business for grilling and outdoor living products.

For exclusive savings on Magma Crossover Fireboxes, you may call 885-402-9790 or use their live chat to speak with their BBQ experts.

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