BioLite to Launch New BaseCharge Power Stations

BioLite, an innovator in off-grid energy products, is launching its new line of high-capacity rechargeable power stations.

On sale starting September 7, the BaseCharge 600 and BaseCharge 1500 are high-capacity lithium-ion power stations that can be recharged from the wall, car, or through solar for complete energy independence.

These rechargeable power stations are great for mobile offices, remote work, vehicle-based camping on the weekends, and home emergency preparedness kits by allowing you to power laptops, phones, and hotspots.

The power stations feature an Easy Read Smart LCD Dashboard that provides real-time feedback on your system, giving you a clear picture of runtimes and energy usage.

Likewise, the internal 12 Checkpoint Safety System constantly monitors the unit so you can share power to your network of devices with confidence and reliability.

These are also equipped with the energy odometer, a resettable measurement tool that educates customers on their energy consumption to track habits and behaviors over specific periods or activity.

The BaseCharge 600 is priced at $699.00 while the BaseCharge 1500 costs $1,699.00.

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