Bombas, Cotopaxi Team Up For Special Edition Hiking Collab

Bombas and Cotopaxi have teamed up to create an innovative and sustainable line of products dedicated to the outdoors with a strong focus on the environment.

These leading apparel brands have achieved a new level of collaboration by introducing the Hiking Socks and the Bataan Fanny Pack.

Each pair of hiking socks is one-of-a-kind because they are partly made with leftover Merino Wool from the Bombas’ past collections and blended with more Merino Wool, nylon, and elastane.

These yarns are all different colors and when blended with other materials, create unique color combos.

Meanwhile, the Bataan Fanny Pack is made with 100% repurposed nylon, sourced from other companies’ larger production runs.

Each item may be purchased individually, but you can also avail of the Del Día Bag Bundle that features both the Bombas and Cotopaxi Merino Wool Hiking Socks and The Bataan Fanny Pack.

Even better, for every pair of Bombas socks purchased from this collaboration, a pair of Bombas donation socks will be given to organizations committed to ending homelessness, like Community Solutions.

Be sure to be part of this wonderful initiative by purchasing your own bundle of hiking socks and Fanny pack. Shop now!

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