Bookman Revolutionizes Cycling Safety with Volume High-Performance Bike Lights

In an exciting development for cyclists, Swedish company Bookman has launched a groundbreaking range of bike lights known as the Volume lights.

These lights distinguish themselves from the competition with an innovative mode of operation, drawing inspiration from the Hi-Fi world.

Volume High-Performance Bike Lights

The Volume lights are operated using a unique Power Wheel (patent pending), simplifying the adjustment of brightness across five different levels.

The Volume Light series consists of two models: the Volume 800, featuring an efficient 800 lumens beam and a lightweight yet durable plastic casing, is perfect for commuters and training rides.

Meanwhile, the Volume 1500 boasts even greater power, with an impressive 1500 lumens, a high-capacity 4000 mAh battery, and a robust aluminum body, catering to the needs of the most demanding cyclists and extended journeys.

Both models offer the added convenience of being chargeable while in use.

In a commitment to sustainability, Bookman introduces USB-C charging and replaceable batteries, providing users with backup options for long rides and reducing environmental impact.

Furthermore, the company has taken significant steps by transitioning from plastic-based packaging to a 100% paper-based, sustainably sourced solution.

This packaging can be opened and resealed without damage, aligning with Bookman’s eco-conscious philosophy.

The Volume High-Performance Bike Lights not only elevate safety for cyclists but also exemplify Bookman’s dedication to innovation and environmental responsibility in the cycling accessory industry.

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