BOTE Introduces the Latest Waterproof Belt Pack to Its Highwater Collection

BOTE, the leading innovator in water lifestyle products, has just made a splash with the launch of their newest addition to the Highwater Collection – the Highwater Belt Pack.

Adventure enthusiasts, get ready to elevate your outdoor experiences with this fully waterproof and submersible hip pack/sling.

Crafted with precision using nylon seam-welded construction, this belt pack offers a reliable solution for keeping your essential gear dry and accessible.

Equipped with two TRU Zip waterproof compartments, it’s perfect for safeguarding phones, keys, and other valuables during your water-based escapades.

Highwater Belt Pack

What sets this belt pack apart is its thoughtful design, featuring strategically placed MOLLE loops, D-Rings, and cam straps, allowing adventurers to easily attach additional equipment to the pack’s exterior.

Whether you prefer wearing it around your waist or slinging it across your back, the Highwater Belt Pack offers versatility that adapts to your individual adventure style.

Available in four captivating colors – Black, Seafoam, Verge Camo, and Native Bombardier – the Highwater Belt Pack is now up for grabs at, BOTE retail stores, and select specialty retail shops for an affordable MSRP of $99.

This latest addition to BOTE’s Highwater bag range perfectly complements their existing lineup of ultra-durable and waterproof packs, including the Backpack, Duffel, Tote, Slingpack, and the recently introduced Hitchhiker Sling.

So, gear up and get ready to conquer the water with confidence, thanks to BOTE’s innovative Highwater Waterproof Belt Pack.

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