BRAVO SIERRA Launches Most Sustainable Body Wash Refill System

BRAVO SIERRA has launched a new product that sets the standard for environmentally friendly packaging.

Dubbed the most sustainable, the new body wash refill system is sustainably packed in the military-native yet iconic aluminum can.

Consumers can refill their existing Bravo Sierra Body Wash bottle with the new refillable can format, reducing the amount of waste.

The refill cans are made in the USA with 100% infinitely recyclable aluminum, making them the most environmentally friendly and convenient way to replenish your Bravo Sierra Body Wash.

The Body Wash clear sulfate-free gel formula contains coconut and Aloe Vera and can be used multiple times per day without drying out the skin.

You can choose from two available scents – Citrus and Cedarwood and White Vetiver and Cedarwood.

As an added bonus, the sleek design will undoubtedly complement your bathroom décor.

What’s more, you can contribute to the brand’s mission of recognizing and appreciating this country’s servicemen and women.

Five percent of all sales are given back to programs that support military families and veterans.

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