Bushka's Kitchen Yogurt Bowls: Breakfast for Backpackers

Tired of your typical backpacking breakfast routine? Has your camping pantry gone stale? Well, the new Yogurt Bowls from Bushka’s Kitchen are sure to be a refreshing delight.

Not all backpacking food is created equally, and Bushka’s Kitchen has crafted a true stand-out with their Yogurt Bowls. The Blueberries and Coconut Granola Yogurt Bowl and Raspberries and Almond Granola Yogurt Bowl are each low in sodium, crunchy, and downright delicious.

Meet the Bushka’s Kitchen Yogurt Bowls!

Preparation couldn’t be easier. Simply open up the pouch, add a few ounces of cold water, and stir well. Then, wait three minutes before you chow down. There’s no fussing with boiling water to rehydrate this breakfast. Get straight to your adventures in no time flat while getting the nutrition you need to see you through the day.

Easy to prepare, cleanup is simple, and every bite is delicious!

See the Bushka's Kitchen Raspberry Yogurt Bowl

Bushka’s Kitchen Yogurt Bowls: Good Ingredients and Great Flavor

Let’s talk about ingredients for a moment. There aren’t a whole lot of them in these breakfast bowls, and that’s a good thing! Bushka’s Kitchen utilizes simple and real ingredients. There are only a few ingredients in the Bushka’s Kitchen Yogurt Bowls.

That’s some blueberry goodness right there.

The Blueberries and Coconut Yogurt Bowl contains:

While the Raspberries and Almond Granola Yogurt Bowl contains:

Simple ingredients that you can see and pronounce.

Bushka’s Kitchen also offers a dairy-free version breakfast option, the Citrus Chia Morning Bowl, for those who are sensitive to dairy.

Simple and Smart Packaging

As for packaging—clearly, someone on staff at Bushka’s Kitchen knows from experience how frustrating packaging can be for adventure-ready foods, so they’ve made it as user-friendly as can be.

You’ll find two different tear points on the yogurt bowl packaging. First, to prepare your yogurt bowl, you’ll open the top partition first to add water to the correct amount and then seal the package shut. There is a second tear tab about an inch below the first opening. This second opening allows you to remove excess material from the package to get to your food easier (and less messy).

The realness is plain to see.

Easy To Make and Cleanup at Camp

It’s remarkable just how simple Bushka’s Kitchen makes things with their Yogurt Bowls.

You simply have to tear the package open, pour in water, and wait (all of three minutes). There are no extra packets of food to be added halfway through the cooking process, and thus, no extra trash.

Because of the simplicity of this product, many hikers and backpackers will rejoice at how simple and easy it is to have a delicious meal while on the trail. As far as hiking and backpacking food goes, these yogurt bowls are lightweight, nutritious, tasty, and leave-no-trace-friendly.

See the See the Bushka's Kitchen Blueberry Yogurt Bowl

Who is Bushka’s Kitchen?

Bushka’s Kitchen is a backpacking and adventure food brand that focuses on freshness, quality, and taste. The company prides itself on facilitating its whole production in-house — from cooking up great-tasting food to getting it right into its very own freeze-drying equipment. Bushka’s Kitchen provides high-quality, lightweight meals that can be cold-soaked for ultimate simplicity or served piping hot for when you need to warm your bones.

Bushka’s Kitchen aims to fuel your outdoor adventures with delicious and nutritious food!

See all of the Bushka’s Kitchen breakfast options.

Bushka’s Kitchen sponsors this article.

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