CamelBak Introduces New ChillBak

CamelBak is transforming the way people experience outdoor activities by introducing new products.

ChillBak Pack 30 soft cooler backpack is the latest innovation of the brand’s sought-after cooler line that allows easy access to fresh food and cold drinks for max enjoyment.

This versatile soft cooler allows roomy access to cold beverages and fresh food. You can keep 24 cans and 15 lbs of ice cold for 72 hours.

The ChillBak Pack 30 allows you to easily haul beer, gear, and more to your favorite chill spot, no matter how remote.

It has comfortable shoulder straps and a back panel that simplify carrying beverages and other necessities, allowing you to take it more places and always have adequate supplies for everyone.

As the first soft cooler backpack with a built-in 6L Fusion Group Hydration Reservoir, this pack will keep you and the crew thirst-quenched and ready to rock the day.

It is also equipped with leak-proof roll top closure that allows easy access and cleaning, plus superior thermal efficiency.

Likewise, it also has additional storage and a zippered pocket for phones and essentials, so your dry stuff stays dry.

If you seek comfort, convenience, and maximum fun on your next outdoor adventure, check out CamelBak’s newest ChillBak.

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