CamelBak Introduces New Winter Snow Packs

If you’re looking for a new snowsports pack, don’t look any further. CamelBak has the perfect gear for your next winter adventure.

The new line of CamelBak Snow Hydration Packs, which include the SnoBlast 22, Powderhound 12, and Zoid, is packed with amazing features for your next uphill ski runs or all-day lift laps.

The revolutionary SnowShield material repels all snow—powder, slush, and huge flakes—and keeps it from adhering to your pack.

The material keeps your pack and belongings clean and dry for an entire day on the slopes.

The Therminator Harness protects your drinking tube from the elements by encasing it in an insulated sleeve on the shoulder strap, even on the coldest of days.

Without having to worry about frozen water lines, you’ll be able to stay hydrated all day on the slopes.

Another exciting new feature is the Lift Access Harness, which allows you to easily and quickly access all of your belongings, whether on the chair lift or in between runs.

The system from CamelBak securely hooks your skis or snowboard to the SnoBlast 22 or Powderhound 12 snow packs for convenient transport to and from the slopes, whether A-frame or diagonal.

The A-frame shape is ideal for skis, and the diagonal holds your snowboard securely.

CamelBak’s new snow hydration packs are available at

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