CamelBak Unveils 2023 Pride Collection

Raise your rainbow flag high and let your pride shine with the 2023 Pride Collection from CamelBak.

The CamelBak Pride collection exudes confidence and spreads queer joy and is the perfect way to show your support for the LGBTQIA+ community.

This limited edition collection is comprised of the Chute Mag 25oz Bottle with Tritan Renew, the Chute Mag 32oz insulated stainless steel bottle, and the Podium Chill bike bottle.

These bottles represent the inclusion and empowerment that CamelBak upholds, making them more than simply a necessity for hydration.

The bold rainbow design and the empowering words “Out and Proud” proudly emblazoned on these bottles radiate the spirit of queer joy and resilience.

In addition to functioning flawlessly, these bottles also stand out because of their long-lasting powder coat finish, adding a touch of flair to your pride-filled journey.

CamelBak is also in partnership with Amor Para Todos, a Petaluma-based nonprofit organization dedicated to cultivating gender and LGBTQIA+, affirming environments for the youth.

Through their continued partnership, they hope to create a welcoming environment and introduce LGBTQIA+ families and young people to the transforming power of nature.

So, celebrate diversity, champion inclusivity, and stay hydrated with CamelBak’s Pride Collection.

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