Cascadia Vehicle Tents’ 270 Degree Awning: A Perfect Addition To Your Outdoor Experience

Whether you’re camping out in the woods or an RV, having a large area of covered space is all about comfort and security.

That’s why Cascadia Vehicle Tents’ 270 Degree Awning is such a great addition to any outdoor adventure.

The large batwing design creates a shade that is large enough for several people and will provide protection from the sun and rain.

As part of its features, every awning comes with legs that can be attached for extra stability.

The lightweight design that may be attached to almost any rack is made of aluminum extruded arms.

A robust finish that can last four seasons is provided by the awning’s use of rip-stop polyester.

It is simple to utilize the 270 Degree Awning: just unzip the cover, remove a few Velcro straps, swing the awning open, and attach your tie-down points.

With an introductory price of $1,099, level up your sun protection in your next road adventure with the 270 Degree Awning.

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