Casio, Pendleton unveil their latest PRO TREK timepiece collaboration

What’s a high-quality timepiece without an eco-friendly and stylish design?

Casio America, Inc. brings its focus on bringing sustainability to the wrists of its new PRO TREK timepiece.

Casio + Pendleton

The PRG601PE-5 combines Pendleton’s heritage with Casio’s passion for creating durable products.

Tadashi Shibuya, Vice President of Casio’s Timepiece Division, said this collaboration celebrates both brands’ passion for the outdoors and commitment to sustainability

“We are proud to partner with a like-minded brand like Pendleton to create an eco-friendly, stylish PRO TREK that still keeps durability and ethos of “One with Nature” at its core,” he said.

The PRG601PE-5 is a watch that is ideal for both environmentalists and outdoor enthusiasts since it was manufactured using biodegradable bio-based polymers for the case and case back and a band made from recycled PET fabric materials generated from plastic bottles.

Four of Pendleton’s most recognizable textile designs—Pilot Rock, Wyeth Trail, Canyonlands, and Tucson—are seamlessly combined into the watch’s one-of-a-kind patterned band.

The distinctive designs and hues were chosen to depict the earth, the sea, the mountains, and the sky. On the case rear, a unique partnership logo is also present.

Meanwhile, Peter Bishop, EVP of Design and Merchandising at Pendleton, said sustainability is one of Pendleton’s core values, and they couldn’t be more excited to partner with Casio on the PRG601PE-5.

“The new PRO TREK timepiece features a band with a new twist on four well-known Pendleton patterns,” he said.

The PRG601PE-5 is outfitted with Tough Solar, which efficiently transforms energy from the sun, fluorescent lights, and other sources to power the watch, as well as Casio’s Triple Sensor technology, which includes a digital compass, barometer/altimeter, and thermometer.

This function reduces the need to often replace the battery, significantly lowering the environmental impact.

Wide bar indexes and a multi-color secondhand are used in the design for easy reading so that you can quickly determine the time, direction, and other indications.

The PRO TREK PRG601PE-5 is available now for preorder for $400 at

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